Phoenix New Life Poetry, Art, and Music

Pheonix Publications

I have two main Phoenix Publications currently available which you can read, here, below as follows:

No 1 – Song From & For The Spirit, (word document)

An illustrated personal spiritual journey in verse of a Vision Quester, some selected poems, songs, chants, prayers & meditations in chronological order from 1963 to the Year 2,000 by David Allen Stringer available at £6.50 inc P&P from our main Phoenix address.

No 2 My Cornish Dreamtime, (word document)

Poems, Songs, Chants and Prayers of, by, for and around the River Fowey from 1962 to 2012 by David Allen Stringer, available at £5.00 plus P&P from our Phoenix address.

(Cheques and postal orders payable to David Allen Stringer)

NB No 1 – Songs from and For the Spirit -

This printed 30-page booklet itself is in two columns, but I have here inserted its poems in single columns for ease of reading, and therefore removed the page-index of the booklet itself – the paintings included in the printed booklet can be seen, here, mainly in my “Phoenix Art” Section as follows:

“The Angel of Artistic Vision” – (facing Page 6 of the booklet)

The Verses in the painting run as follows; (bottom of this church window picture)

“And, in the beginning, the child first became aware of the miracle of Life. He left home & searched the Earth for truth in books & experiences & when he wearied of such journeys, he lat down &, behold, there, descended an Angel” (top) “Be content that I am & simply live!” – so speaks the Angel. “Elohim” (the ‘Creator’, in the Hebrew Book of Genesis) aka “The Steps of Enlightenment” see on the cover page of our Winter Phoenix Issue on the main Phoenix New Life Poetry page of this website – facing P12 of the booklet. The words in the painting run as follows;“And, in the beginning was Light, and Elohim created darkness so that Man could see the Light”

“Mr Music” -facing P.18 of the booklet Question: “How many different musical instruments can you find in the paintings? David)



Published on  February 21st, 2021